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Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an automobile wreck where the other driver was at fault?  What about falling on an icy sidewalk, long overdue to be cleaned?  Do you know what you are really entitled to?


In addition to handling Maryland Workers' Compensation, this firm handles many of the common non-work place personal injury cases, where due to no fault of your own, you sustain serious injuries.


For no fee this firm can have an initial consultation with you to evaluate your case.  We determine fault issues and the nature and extent of your claim.  We make no guarantees, but give you an honest evaluation of your likelihood of a successful outcome.


If this is a case this firm chooses to handle, there is usually no up front fee, though where risk is high, likelihood of success is questionable, and anticipated costs may be high, you may be asked to share some of the cost burden.  Generally, though, you pay no fee unless there is a benefit to you.


Many people either give up entirely or settle for much less than the case is worth, and many do not know the full extent of their entitlements. For example, many people do not know that in Maryland if you are a driver or passenger or are an injured pedestrian, you may be entitled to limited no-fault benefits from the driver's insurance company for medical bills and lost wages up to a modest cap.  There are other examples where an attorney's assistance may be critical, such as situations where the other "at fault" motorist may be illegally driving uninsured.


Additionally, as noted on the opening page, you may be tempted to settle your case much too soon, often when an adjuster is contacting you close to the day of the accident.  You may not know the full extent of your injuries, whether you will need treatment, and if so, how much treatment is necessary.  You will not know to wait until you have reached maximum medical improvement to determine if your injury may have a permanent effect.  Additionally, adjusters will tend to undervalue the nature and extend of a permanent injury, the effects of pain and suffering, harmful effects to relations with a spouse or other close partner, emotional distress, reduced ability to work, and the reduced ability to enjoy all that life had to offer before the injury.


While many have concerns about the contingent fee taken from the benefits received, most of the time, even when deducting the attorney's fee, the claimant will likely have much more money in his or her pocket than trying to proceed on one's own.  Often the leverage is that the lawyer knows how to sue in court to try the case before a judge or jury to get a fair settlement.  Sometimes, this is precisely what it takes to get a fair settlement, though many cases do settle before the last steps of going to trial in court either through informal negotiations or a more formal mediation or settlement conference process. 


In our initial consultation we can make a determination whether his case is one that both you and our firm wish to take on.  While some cases may seem to have merit to you, they are not cases we can take because it may be in a specialized area of personal injury we may wish to refer to other lawyers, or because in our opinion the cost of pressing the case is extreme, the amount of recovery is very low, or the risk of not proving the other party is at fault is high. 


Do take the time to discuss your claim with this firm, where we offer peace of mind, drawing upon years of experience.


Do you have questions or would like to make an appointment? See our phone numbers on the left of this page, or use our contact form.


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