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Click the bankruptcy explanation page tab for a detailed instructional video and the bankruptcy tab under practice areas to learn more about filing bankruptcies.


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If you haven't already watched the introductory video explaining bankruptcy, you may do so by clicking the Bankruptcy Explanation Video tab shown above.


You should not feel shame if filing bankruptcy is an option for you. It is for honest debtors, who, through no intent of their own, have found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Throughout our culture, we find value in getting the fresh start bankruptcy provides. Many famous and successful people have benefited from a fresh start.  Look them up on the Internet. The results may surprise you!


Some of the common causes for filing bankruptcy are the loss of employment, unexpected illness of yourself or a loved one, divorce or break up of a long term domestic relationship, or making unfavorable business, budgeting or investment decisions.  Of course there are many other reasons to land in debt.  A healing approach is to accept the fresh start and take the required debtor's education course assisting you in making sound future financial decisions. 


This firm can even help with student loans. While student loan debt is rarely discharged in bankruptcy, some other options may be available to you. For examplle, if you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the loans are relatively small, while other debts are relatively large, by being relieved of your other unsecured or even secured debt, you may free up money to handle the student loans.  A Chapter 13 may allow you to schedule student loan payments over a period of time. Also, there are many non-bankruptcy options available, such as applying for forbearance, sometimes requesting debt forgiveness, combining student loans, and pegging loan payments to income levels.


Some of the common benefits for bankruptcy are relief from debt payment, slowing down or stopping a foreclosure, arresting debt garnishments, slowing down or preventing automobile repossession, and sometimes providing for relief from taxes. While taxes are only relieved under certain circumstances and are most often unavoidable, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow for long term payments of taxes, student loan payments, or other types of debt that cannot be discharged.  If you have a regular source of income and wish to schedule mortgage arrears over a period of time to keep your home out of foreclosure, filing a Chapter 13 may be an option in addition to non-bankruptcy alternatives, such as loan mitigation through mediation or other negotiations.


While every effort is made to give accurate information on this page, each person's individual condition is unique.  Thus, nothing here can be taken as an effort to give any person specific legal advice.


If you are seeking legal advice, then you need to contact this firm and make a personal appointment.  When we meet, we will supply you with information required by the united States Bankruptcy Code to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.


We can advise you as to specifics after you provide the information we request.  While generally there is no charge for an initial short consultation, we can also agree upon the fees for any legal advice or analysis you may want to act upon and also for filing any bankruptcy proceeding if you choose that option.  If bankruptcy is not an option for you, we can examine other forms of debt relief. Everybody's case is different and this firm cannot guarantee results in your case, but we can give you an honest evaluation as to the likelihood of your successful recovery of benefits.

Do you have questions or would like to make an appointment? See our phone numbers on the left of this page, or use our contact form.

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